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My work is about feelings, is about freedom. I create free and spontaneous paintings, following extraordinary music. Each painting has the name of an inspiring song. It can be a face, a body or an abstract painting, it can be colorful or black and white... that depends on "where" the music can take me. 

Most of my works are abstract paintings, frequently inspired in the nature. In its colours and textures, in the storms, in the sun and the moon, in the sea and the sky, in the rain. The music and my emotions determine the result: quiet and peaceful, vibrant and passionate or dark and unsettling. Always minimalist as the nature is.

Frequently, I feel the need to paint people, the need to express the sensuality, the glamour, the power, the humility of the human beings. The influence of pop art and street art are visible in those paintings. 

I use traditional techniques, mainly quality acrylic on canvas, mixed with everything I can imagine to create soft and hard textures. Big brushes, self-made squeegees and several layers of acrylic are part of all the abstract paintings development. All of them are ready to hang.

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